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Networks built with the CRCnet Platform

Over the last 4 years as the CRCnet project has developed we have been involved in the design, construction and operation of four wireless networks connecting schools in rural and urban communities.

The primary network is the CRCnet Waikato Network built from the University of Waikato and extending to the west of Hamilton. This was the first network to be constructed by the project and continues to be the primary development and testing ground for new technologies and software.

For details of the other networks that CRCnet has been involved in click one of the links below.

Future Networks

Planning is currently underway to construct further networks in the Opotoki and Tangimoana regions of New Zealand. Building a wireless network with the CRCnet Platform is a community driven process. The CRCnet project typically provides the technical expertise and resources necessary to enable the goals of a motivated community that desires access to broadband.